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Wing Tsun Classes

The Farmhouse La Serra decided to teach a course in Wing Tsun offering incomparable feeling of self-mastery, that reconciles the spirit and balance the body and mind.

Wing Tsun is an ancient martial art conceived 400 years ago by a Chinese monk fleeing from a large fire in the Shaolin monastery.

Wing Tsun is a lifestyle that brings stability, balance and harmony, besides being a very effective martial art of self defense.

The Wing Tsun can be practiced by anyone, regardless of gender or age. The training can be adapted to each person depending on needs: slower, encouraging meditation, or real self-defense lessons.

Classes are held in the pool in the beautiful hills of Pisa (Tuscany, Italy) and will allow every person, regardless of age, gender and athleticism to learn the art of effectively defend against an aggressor even stronger, taking advantage of the power at their own advantage.

Classes is aimed at people of all ages, from 5-6 years.

It can be made group lessons or private lessons customized.

The course costs will vary depending on the number of classes and number of participants. Upon arrival with the teacher can decide the days and times. If you are interested in the course of Wing Tsun ask when booking.

For further information Si Fu Giorgio Malacarne or Si Je Elisa 0039 333 7958 887 (course manager in farmhouse).

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Wing Tsun courses in Italy